JSA changed my life…

The JSA summer program at UC Davis changed my life. I spent much of my high school extracurricular time engaged in JSA activities and learned the value of civil civic engagement. I developed strong skills as a public speaker and forged valuable friendships with other engaged teens – friendships that have been a central part of my life to this day.
— Rachel Kaganoff Stern, Dos Pueblos High School ’82


- Rachel Kaganoff Stern, Dos Pueblos High School ’82 -

It started at Princeton…

I can’t tell you how much the organization has meant to me, and done for me since the lucky day when I stumbled into a Princeton conference as an incoming high school freshman. When I think of all the hundreds of thousands of students who have come through the program, I am staggered by the magnitude of your impact on our world.
— Dan Chorost, Westfield H.S. ’88

Dan Chorost and Sabrina Tavi


- Dan Chorost, Westfield H.S. ’88 -