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Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 @ 2:51PM

Lorenzo Tortorici, a senior at Kofa High School, is the Director of Fundraising for the Junior State Arizona (JSAZ). Under his leadership JSAZ raised over $5,000, which surpassed their initial goal of $4,000, for the 2016-2017 Arizona State Scholarship Fund. In addition to fundraising on behalf of his peers, he raised $2,500 to attend the 2016 Princeton Summer Program.

He learned through his fundraising efforts and involvement with JSAZ how to “invest in an idea” and to build your confidence. Lorenzo attributes these skills to his success as a fundraiser and student. He has identified 56 corporate leads in his community such as Honda and Mitsubishi for JSAZ’s December peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. In addition to corporate leads, he interviewed for new fundraising agents at Fall State and is looking to identify fundraisers in cities that have wealthy communities or colleges/universities. Currently the majority of fundraising dollars are coming from his community and Yuma County, which has a large population of Title I schools.

Lorenzo learned about JSAZ through social media at the end of his sophomore year. He worked at Starbucks to save money for a cell phone. With his new phone, he saw his friends posting pictures and videos of Spring Congress, He immediately knew he wanted to get involved with JSAZ and attend these conventions. Now he holds a state cabinet position and is actively involved at the local and state level of JSAZ.

According to Lorenzo, “JSA gave me the opportunity to utilize and articulate my words better.” No longer with Starbucks, he now represents three solar companies as an independent sales contractor. Lorenzo was awarded a scholarship to Arizona State University and will be attending in the Fall of 2017.

JSA is proud and grateful for students like Lorenzo. To learn more about JSAZ, please contact

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