JSA Alums publish book “When Millennials Rule: The Reshaping of America”

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 @ 8:33PM

The Junior State is excited to celebrate the release of When Millennials Rule: The Reshaping of America, an insightful new book about how young Americans are reimagining U.S. public policy. The book, written by JSA alumni David Cahn (NES ‘14) and Jack Cahn (NES ‘14), draws on the brothers’ experience crisscrossing the country – from Kentucky to Illinois to Minnesota – where the brothers talked with more than 10,000 millennials about important public policy issues like gun control and the economy.

“In high school, JSA gave us the opportunity to think critically about some of the most important issues facing this country, and a network of peers who constantly challenged us.” said Jack. “Whether it was through Georgetown Summer School, annual conventions, or local ‘mini-cons’ JSA made us better statesmen and more thoughtful leaders.”

Last summer, the brothers flew out to the Montezuma Leadership Conference to conduct focus groups and learn from JSA’s current and future leaders.

“The JSA students we spoke to at Montezuma had such nuanced, thoughtful opinions about the issues they were talking about, it was really inspiring,” said David. “When we got back and incorporated these interviews into our manuscript, they really helped bring our book to life.”

On August 18th, the twins hosted a book launch event at the 92nd St. Y in Manhattan. The topic of the talk was “What Will America Look Like When Millennials Rule.” The event began with a discussion of what makes millennials different from their parent’s generation. The speakers and audience members highlighted that their generation is the most tolerant of diversity and has access to more information than ever before. Featured guests included Nikhil Goyal, author of Schools on Trial, Kamran Parsa, JSA Northeast Governor, and Rohan Marwaha, JSA Mid-Atlantic Governor. “I think what really sets millennials apart is our access and reach. Every day millennials are exposed to as much information as someone in the 15th century was exposed to in their entire lifetime,” said Rohan Marwaha. “If you just take that into perspective, that’s a lot of information.”

“A lot of our JSA friends came out to support us. It was great to see so many old friends and to have a fun, rapid-fire conversation about the 2016 election and how our generation is going to influence the future,” David said.

When Millennials Rule is dedicated: “To America’s young leaders, the buck stops with you. To the Junior State of America, for investing in a civically engaged electorate.”

David Cahn is a former National Chief of Staff for JSA and Jack Cahn was National Director of Public Relations. Both were active JSA members for four-year as part of the Stuyvesant High School Chapter. The twins are now undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania, where they both study Economics and Computer Science. They are frequent contributors to the Huffington Post.

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