Reporting Back To You

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 @ 4:24PM

It is with great pleasure that we report back to you on the profound impact the Junior State had in communities across America this past year.

In stories, numbers and images, our latest Annual Report demonstrates how the Junior State brings together students of different backgrounds and viewpoints and facilitates thoughtful, meaningful conversations and policy debates.

The Annual Report celebrates the people who make the Junior State possible.

This includes teachers – over 500 of them – who sacrifice lunch hours and weekends so our chapters can gather. It includes parents, who drive their students to conventions, help them select business attire and even donate scholarship funds to make JSA a reality for other students.

It includes our dedicated staff, who are mentors as well as administrators and make our programs dynamic and successful. And, of course, it includes our 11,000+ students, who not only participate in our programs, but help envision, plan and run them.

Notably, every page in this report also celebrates you. Our programs are made stronger and more diverse when alumni, parents, civic education advocates and other supporters contribute to their reach and success.

Thank you!

Download the 2015 Annual Report here:


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